Pay Attention to These Stocks

Stocks which have attractive indicators are listed. You may follow the signal changes on indicators and moving averages. By choosing index or sector which you want, you may reach the signals which are produced by indicators of stocks that involved to that index or sector. Stocks which are attractive and producing signals with the updated data will be listed according to your selected board. In “Pay Attention to These Stocks” part, indicators which are producing signals on stocks are listed by scanning all stocks. You may see the stock is on the bottom or peak, entering a downtrend or not, on an uptrend or not, increasing or decreasing on trade volume is continuing for how many days, short-term indicators are giving sell signal or not, mid-term indicators are giving buy signal or not daily from this stock signal list.

Ordering attractive stocks according to sectors is important in terms of following is there a general movement on sector or not. Investment groups are insistently reminding that not just 1 criterion the direct contrary more than one criterions must be taken into consideration while investing stocks. You can also reach the most detailed stock analysis page in Turkey on Finnet 2000 Plus which belongs to stocks when you click on stock which is producing signal on pay attention to these stocks button. Thereby, you can analyze the attractive stock according to more than one criterions.

Matters Which Must Be Paid Attention during Usage of Indicators

Indicators are not enough alone on stock selection. Data are calculated with paying attention to indicator usage as common on technical analysis literature. Must be used with other technical analysis methods. Stocks that standing out here must be supported with other technical analysis methods and basic analysis for obtaining consistent results. It must not be forgotten that oscilators and indicators are sensitive to price movements.