In thıs board, daily most gaining stocks are listed. Stocks which gained most in one operation day or stocks gained most according to a sector, index or risk group may be listed in this board. Through the flexibility that board provides, you may list most gained stocks only in the indexes which you are interested by pressing just one button. Daily most gainers board provides you to display the outstanding increasing stocks in just one screen. You may go to detailed stock pages and follow the increasing movement of stock is permanent or not by analyzing graphics, market indicators and technical analysis indicators.

There are 9 columns on Most Gaining Stocks board.

Previous Close; Previous Close column shows previous transaction day close price.

Low; Low column shows the lowest price of share in chosen period.

High; High column shows the highest price of share in chosen period.

Close; Close column gives the last settlement price of share in chosen period.

Weighted Average; Weighted average gives result of total volume divide by total traded amount.

Net Change(Close); Net change column shows difference between previous close price and last price.

% Percentage Change(Close); Percentage change column shows percentage of last close price to weighted average.

Amount; Amount column shows the number of traded share.

Volume; Volume column shows the traded volume

This board is ordered descending on % Change (Closing) column.