You can measure company’s financial performance as growth analysis, comparative analysis, industrial ratio analysis, net debts, net sales, total assets, total liabilities, equities and market crosses. Financial analysis page enables to list companies significant balance items changes for all companies. You can analysis stocks by these methods in a split of seconds which traded in Istanbul Stock Exchanges. Also you may sort these companies by period, currency, index, industry or risk category. Yaptığınız sıralamalar; seçtiğiniz dönem, döviz kuru, endeks, sektör ve risk guruplarına göre isim sırasına göre gelecektir. But you can list companies which increased their financial performance in terms of basic analysis by ordering it according to net change and net difference.

Financial Analysis includes below:

I- Growth Analysis

II- Comparative Analysis

III- Industry Ratio Analysis

IV- Net Profit

V- Net Sales

VI- Total Assets

VII- Total liabilities

VIII- Equity

IX- Market Cross