Closing, weighted average, traded value, traded volume, highest and lowest closings of stocks are listed. Stocks are ordered according to selected indexes, currency and closing change value in selected periods as descending. You may list weekly outstanding stocks by following weekly performances.

Stock Performance table includes 8 columns.

Previous Close; Previous Close column shows previous transaction day close price.

Low; Low column shows the lowest price of share in chosen period.

High; High column shows the highest price of share in chosen period.

Close; Close column gives the last settlement price of share in chosen period.

Weighted Average; Weighted average gives result of total volume divide by total traded amount.

Net Change (Close); Net change column shows difference between previous close price and last price.

% Percentage Change(Close); Percentage change column shows percentage of last close price to previous price.

Amount; Hisse senedinin seçilen tarihteki toplam işlem miktarını gösterir.

Volume; Volume column shows the traded volume.

This board is listed with the happening of the data in %change(closing) column are ordered descending.