Report screen that daily money out stocks are listed. It is created based on volume increasing and deterioration on weighted average prices. Money out on a stock indicates that stock is losing power.

There are 7 columns on Money out Stocks board.

Previous Close; Previous Close column shows previous transaction day close price.

Close; Close column gives the last settlement price of share in chosen period.

Weighted Average Price; It shows that weighted average price which is obtained by dividing trade volume value on a selected date to trade amount value.

% Percentage Change (Close); Percentage change column shows percentage of last close price to weighted average.

Previous Amount; Previous amount column shows the number of traded share which traded during previous day.

Trade Amount; Shows that total trade amount of stock according to a selected date.

%Change (Trade Amount); Shows that percentage change of trade amount on a selected date according to previous trade amount.

This board is listed according to the data on % Change (Trade Amount) column as descending.