Market Factors is a board that analysis tools which are used on company evaluation are listed. It can be evaluated that company prices are cheap or not according to market factors by analyzing the analysis tools on this board on the base of sectors and indexes. Stocks that under sector averages can be analyzed according to Price/Earning, Market Value/Book Value, Earning per Share evaluation ratios.

You can analyze the most valuable companies of market sectors with P/E-MV/BV (Price/Earning-Market Value/Book Value) board. You can display most valuable stocks of market by ordering according to market value. At the same time, you can make an order according to P/E when you want to look for these stocks are cheap or not. This analysis is one of the most used methods on performance measuring regarding companies.

There are 7 columns on Market Factors board.

Net Profit Last 4 Quarters TRy; shows that net profits of stock calculated as Q4 according to stock’s last balance-sheet period

Equity Capital TRY; Shows that equity capital value of stock on last balance-sheet period.

Market Value TRY; Shows that current period market value of stock.

Market Value Dollar; Showsh that dollar based current period market value of stock.

Market Value / Book Value; Shows that the ratio of total company value which is occurred on the market to company equity capital.

P/E; Price Earning Ratio is the ratio of market price of a company stock to net profit amount per share.

Profit per Share; Shows that profit value per stock.